What is REACH?

REACH is a program in relational evangelism that is designed to help Christians effectively tell others about Jesus in their everyday life. Developed by SEARCH—a ministry devoted to relational evangelism—REACH equips Christians with the tools they need to develop meaningful one-on-one relationships with non-Christians, start conversations about Jesus, and address common questions and concerns people have about God and life.

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For years, I was convinced of the importance of telling others about Jesus, but for far too long, I did not know how to do so in a way that builds relationships with people rather than creates new walls. Reach provides so many helpful principles, ideas, and real-life opportunities that are sure to help anyone like me share their faith in a natural and effective way. I cannot recommend it enough.

Program Highlights

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REACH avoids a canned, hit-and-run approach to evangelism. Instead, we teach participants how to engage with non-Christians in meaningful conversations about Christ, within the context of their everyday relationships.

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REACH is more than just book-learning. It is designed to give participants practical experience in building relationships and sharing Christ.

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REACH trains participants to engage in meaningful spiritual conversations that help answer people’s questions about God and Christianity and to do so in a friendly and inviting way.

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REACH is a community experience rather than a solo experience, meaning that participants will be part of active cohorts led by an experienced and encouraging mentor. 

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REACH is for any adult believer, particularly those who say, 
“I’m not very good at evangelism, 
but I would love to learn how to be better at…”

“Building relationships with non-Christians.”

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“Sharing Christ through friendly conversations.”

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“Answering questions and concerns people might have about God and Christianity.”

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As a Christian, I have always been told I should share my faith, but for me that has always been a scary situation. What if it causes a friendship to crumble? What if I get asked questions I cannot answer? The instruction at REACH, however, helps me see that what seemed almost impossible is really more possible than I thought, with God’s help, of course.

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